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Laminate floors are always in style

Just like the solid hardwood flooring they replicate, laminate floors never seem to go out of style. They are still just as popular now as when they entered the flooring market as the only available wood-look floor covering. In fact, with the addition of newer and better improvements over the years, homeowners seem to be happier with the product now than ever before. Chances are, the upward improvement will only continue, as this flooring manages to always keep up with current flooring trends.

Fabulous Floors Inc. has a wide variety of high quality floor coverings to choose from and a professional staff to help you find the best one for your own needs. Formerly known as The Rug Man II, we have been in business since 1990, serving the areas of Crestwood, Louisville, LaGrange, Prospect, Goshen, and PeWee Valley, all from our showroom in Crestwood, KY. We think shopping for the perfect floor covering should never be hard or strenuous. That’s why we will go out of our way to make sure you leave happy and satisfied. Stop by anytime if you’re ready to start your own flooring experience.

Choosing laminate for any room

There's a reason laminate is still as popular today as it was years ago. It’s still gorgeous and dependable and offers a variety of benefits that are hard to find in a single floor covering. For instance, in addition to having the elegance of solid hardwood floors, you also have a resilience that makes it comfortable to walk and stand on. That same resilience is also responsible for making your home a little quieter and your floors a little warmer to walk on in bare feet.
Wood look laminate flooring in La Grange, KY from Fabulous Floors Inc
Laminate is just as welcome in the kitchen as it is in the bedroom, especially when you choose the water resistant option. It stands up better to humidity, moisture, and even spills and pet accidents. As long as they don’t sit too long, you can clean them up with no damage whatsoever.

This flooring is also able to create a stable surface and the thicker the product, the more stable it will be. Featuring an installation that allows it to click and lock into place, a “floating floor” will be created. This option even helps to even out some areas of your flooring that might not have been perfect before. Installation is quick, easy, and you’ll be left with floors you can walk on as soon as they’re installed.

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