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The best things about carpet

Who can deny the elegance of carpet, or the warmth it provides on a cold winter morning? As the only soft-surface flooring available, it offers benefits like these on top of a wealth of other great benefits, but there is still nothing quite like it. Those loyal to the material have been pleased to find that, over the course of time, those benefits have only increased, offering more than ever before. The idea of this floor covering may not suit everyone, but you’re not here by chance, so let’s continue.

Fabulous Floors Inc. has been offering high quality flooring to the communities of Crestwood, Louisville, LaGrange, Prospect, Goshen, and Pewee Valley since 1990. Formerly known as The Rug Man II, we offer a wide selection of products and services, all with a dedication to complete customer satisfaction. We think your flooring selection process should be easy and enjoyable. We invite you to our Crestwood, Ky showroom, so we can show you how we can help with that process.

Carpet must-know facts

When it comes to carpet floors, the most important choice you’ll make is what fiber to choose. Backing materials, loop, pile, and appearance are all very important, but if you choose the wrong fiber, the life span can easily be cut in half, or worse. The fact is, some fibers are created to withstand high levels of traffic an activity, such as polyester and nylon, while others, such as wool, are created solely for their gorgeous appearance and color holding abilities.

The good news is, there is a fiber that’s perfect for your needs. Not just the traffic levels, but everything combined. For instance, if you’re in need of ultimate stain protection, you can find beautiful color and pattern options with stain protection built into the fibers themselves. This helps make your floors easy to clean and keeps stains from becoming a set-in mess. What’s better, that protection doesn’t just wash away after a few professional cleanings.
Luxurious carpet in Crestwood, KY from Fabulous Floors Inc
Carpet has always been an added safety feature, especially in homes where small children and elderly people live. The fact is, mobility devices like canes and walkers can easily slip away. With this floor covering, however, a more stable surface is available to give added stability to those devices, preventing a majority of falls from ever happening. If they do happen, the soft surface can mean less chance of serious injury.

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